Offered by German Rectors' ConferenceOffered by German Rectors' Conference
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Hauptgebäude (Foto: Heike Zappe/HU Berlin)

    Higher Education Institutions in Germany

    Compact information regarding state and state-recognised German universities, and a university database.

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  • Studierende an der Universität Bonn (Foto: Barbara Frommann/Universität Bonn)

    Studying in Germany

    Extensive information regarding the programmes of study at German universities and useful advice for choosing a programme, as well as a degree programme database.

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  • Promotionsfeier an der Jacobs University Bremen (Foto: Jacobs University Bremen)

    Earning a doctorate in Germany

    Information regarding doctorate opportunities at German universities, presented in a clear database with a search function.

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  • Internationale Studierende an der Universität Bamberg (Foto: Andrea M. Müller/Universität Bamberg)


    Detailed information regarding international partnerships involving German universities, presented in a database with a search function.

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Studying and earning a doctorate in Germany

You've decided to embark on higher education, but perhaps you aren't sure what kind of degree programme to apply for and where. To help you choose, use the wealth of information provided in the Degree Programmes area. Our course finder allows you to search over 17,000 degree programmes to find the right one for you and could speed you on your way to your dream degree programme.

In the Higher Education Institutions area you can find out about higher education institutions in Germany and whom to contact for more information. There is a search function to help you narrow down your search.

If you are interested in doing a doctoral degree, you can find out about opportunities in Germany in the Doctoral Studies area. In the Partnerships area you can find out about partnerships between German universities and institutions in other countries.

We hope you find the Higher Education Compass useful and inspiring.

University Navigator

Currently in the Hochschulkompass you can find 19.014 Degree Programmes.

  • Higher Education Institutions

    There are three main types of higher education institution in Germany: universities (Universitäten), universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen) and colleges of art and music (Kunsthochschulen and Musikhochschulen). They may be either state-funded or state-recognised. In the Higher Education Compass you can search for specific types of institution or use other features such as the search for special university institutions and contact persons.

    Higher Education Institutions
  • Degree Programmes

    The Higher Education Compass provides the most comprehensive information available on the degree programmes offered at all higher education institutions in Germany. This information is updated daily and is posted and updated by the institutions themselves, so you can rely on it being up to date and of good quality. In addition to a large database with flexible search functions, the Higher Education Compass offers lots of useful information about all aspects of studying.

    Degree Programmes
  • Doctoral Studies

    If you are interested in studying for a doctorate in Germany, you will find plenty of information in the Higher Education Compass. You can also use our detailed search options to search for particular types of doctoral programme, geographical criteria or admission requirements.

    Doctoral Studies
  • Partnerships

    Many German universities cooperate with institutions in other countries in research and teaching. In the Higher Education Compass you can view a listing of these international partnerships or search for a particular partnership that interests you. The detailed search options will help you find what you are looking for quickly.