Offered by German Rectors' ConferenceOffered by German Rectors' Conference

Application & admission

Once you have decided what you want to study and have chosen at least one programme, you need to apply for a place at the higher education institution that offers the programme you are interested in, either by registering or just enrolling, as applicable. The exact arrangements for obtaining a place on your chosen programme depend on the admissions procedure at the respective higher education institution. In any case, you should ask the institution about the key dates and deadlines for applying, registering and enrolling well in advance, and ensure you observe these deadlines or you may not be admitted.

  • Admissions procedure

    When you have chosen your course you must find out if there are any admission restrictions. These admission restrictions can apply if there are more applicants than there are places. However, many degree programmes have no admission restrictions.

    Admissions procedure
  • Deadlines & dates

    If you want to study you must pay particular attention to any particular deadlines and dates relevant to applications, registration, and enrolment at the university. These deadlines and dates must be strictly adhered to; otherwise you will not be accepted onto the programme. You should therefore find out this information from the university in good time.

    Deadlines & dates