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Studying at German universities

You know you want to study, but aren’t sure what and where? The Higher Education Compass contains information about the current degree programmes on offer at German universities. The information regarding the individual programmes of study is based on the latest information and is entered and updated by the universities themselves. This allows you to access first-hand information and perhaps begin studying on your desired degree programme soon.

Apart from the up-to-date information on programmes of study, in the extensive database you can also find other useful information and advice about studying and selecting your degree programme. The information available ranges from advice on how to choose your degree programme to prerequisites and other topics related to studying, as well as application and admissions information, preparing for and starting your studies, and programme fees and funding.

After you have done some initial research and have an idea of what you would like to study and where, you can use our programme search function to refine your choices.

For example, if you would prefer not to study full-time or are unable to do so, you have the option of studying while employed, choosing a distance learning programme, or studying part-time. A dual work-study programme might be of interest to you too.

  • Degree programme search

    Our study search offers a quick and simple way to find programmes of study which fit your prerequisites or preferences. There is a range of search criteria available to help you limit or extend your search as desired. In addition to features specific to the degree programme, your search can also relate to specific locations or universities.

    Degree programme search
  • Helping you choose your degree programme

    You know you want to study, but don't yet know what to study? This is the case with many prospective students. There are many aspects to consider when making your decision, so make sure you spend some time considering all the options available to you. We offer you information and advice to help you choose the right degree programme for you. This includes information regarding student advisory services, trial study periods, open house days, and the various higher education orientation tests.

    Helping you choose your degree programme
  • Prerequisites for studying

    You have completed your school-leaving qualification and now want to study. It is often not quite that simple. You need to fulfil a number of prerequisites before you can study at a German university. These prerequisites depend on factors such as country of origin, school education, or professional training and qualifications.

    Prerequisites for studying
  • All about studying

    Before you can begin your studies, there is a number of decisions you need to make. As well as choosing your subject area, you must also consider the different forms of study and the type of academic degree. But remember, subjects, types of academic degree, and the form of study cannot always be freely combined. Ask the university for more information.

    All about studying
  • Application & admission

    If you fulfil all the prerequisites for university admission, you must register for a degree programme or apply for a university place before you can enrol. The admissions procedure depends on the degree programme you have chosen. Make sure you are aware of all the relevant deadlines and dates.

    Application & admission
  • Preparing for & starting your studies

    Many universities offer various opportunities prior to the lecture period that are designed to help students start their studies. This could be an orientation week held at the university or in the department, or a preliminary course designed to refresh relevant knowledge learned at school. Both of these options are recommended as they help ease you into daily student life.

    Preparing for & starting your studies
  • Tuition fees & financing your studies

    It is always important to consider how you will finance your studies when choosing your degree programme as university study always comes at a price. Some places charge tuition fees as well as semester fees. You can apply for different types of funding to help pay for your studies, for example under the Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz – BAföG) and in the form of scholarships.

    Tuition fees & financing your studies