Student advisory service - advice is essential to help you choose a programme

You have thought extensively about your interests, skills, and aptitudes and now have a clearer idea of the general field you would like to study. It is now time to explore these fields – such as healthcare, music, or the environment – in greater depth. You should definitely take advantage of the various student advisory service resources to help you do this.

Advice and guidance from higher education institutions

Almost every university has a central student advisory service that can answer your study-related questions. These central student advisory services are often geared towards providing information about the institution in which they are based. However, some universities also offer information relating to other institutions as part of their range of advisory services. If you have specific questions about a particular subject, you should first approach the departmental subject advisers within the each university.

student advisory service

Advice and guidance from the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency)

The Job Information Centres (Berufsinformationszentren, BiZ) run by the Federal Employment Agency offer a wide range of information that also covers studying at higher education institutions in Germany. Please enquire about the exact opening times at your local BiZ. You only need to register if you would like a personal consultation with an adviser. The Federal Employment Agency also has its own teams of higher education advisers at all larger higher education locations who can help you choose the right programme.

Information about Job Information Centres (BiZ)

Information about the Federal Employment Agency´s higher education teams