Higher education orientation - self-assessment and aptitude tests

Online self-assessment and aptitude tests can also help you decide where and what to study. Many higher education orientation tests are now available that can help you gauge whether the subject or degree programme you have chosen is right for you or not.

self-assessment tests and aptitude tests on the internet

The self-assessment tests and aptitude tests on the internet range from very general orientation tests that help you select a subject area, right through to very specific assessments for particular subjects. We are only able to point you towards a selection of general higher education orientation tests here. It is always worth checking whether a particular orientation test is offered for your preferred institution or subject.

These orientation tests should not be confused with the subject-specific admission and academic aptitude tests used by higher education institutions to select applicants on the basis of defined criteria. Higher education orientation tests are solely intended to help potential students make informed choices about suitable academic subjects.

General higher education orientation tests


Self-exploration programme by the LMU Teacher Education Centre offering reflection on personal aptitude for teacher training using resources such as film, questions and feedback.