Collaborative partners with their own search form

Collaborative partners regularly receive updated data from the Higher Education Compass via a data interface and can use this to create their own search forms and incorporate them into an editorial environment. (Study in Brandenburg) provides an overview of the degree programmes by public universities in the federal state of Brandenburg. The website acts as a central contact for initial guidance on individual study opportunities in the federal state.


Study in Bavaria is an information portal by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts which offers tools such as a degree programme search across Bavarian universities.



Die Initiative der Hochschulen in Sachsen-Anhalt regt Studieninteressierte an, sich mit der eigenen Persönlichkeit und einem Studium an einer Hochschule in Sachsen-Anhalt auseinander zu setzen.


Campus Thüringen is the official website for study in Thuringia and includes all current important dates, contact details, and advice for choosing the right course.



The members of the Tübingen-Hohenheim university region aim to continuously improve the quality of study and further education. You can find information on the association and its member universities here.



The universities of Bremen, Greifswald, Hamburg, Kiel, Lübeck, Oldenburg and Rostock have teamed up to form the Association of North German Universities.


Test yourself on the study orientation in Baden-Wuerttemberg; on the basis of the Higher Education Compass, study opportunities outside of Baden-Wuerttemberg are also taken into account.