Download university lists

Here we offer you three different overviews as downloads, which are free of charge for personal use only. All other uses, in particular commercial use (including individual parts), require the approval of the Foundation for the Promotion of the HRK.

  • Members of the university leadership teams as PDF file
  • Press and Communications Offices as PDF file
  • All higher education institutions as TXT file

    Notes on the use of the TXT file

  1. 1. Right-click on the link "TXT file" and then select "File" or "Save target as" to save the data on the hard disk.
  2. 2. Open your spreadsheet or database program, e.g. Excel.
  3. 3. Go to the "Open file" menu, and under file type select "All files (*.*)".
  4. 4. Open the file "hs_liste.txt" just saved.
  5. 5. In the assistant that opens, please select the radio button "Separated" if it is not preselected and go to the next step by clicking on "Next".
  6. 6. Leave the default setting "Tab stop" as separator unchanged and jump to the next step by clicking on "Next".
  7. 7. On the last page, complete the import by clicking on "Finish".

Research Map

The HRK Research Map allows you to search for German higher education institutions by the key research areas the institution is best known for.

Research Map