University of Leipzig

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Quick Overview

  • University University of Leipzig
  • Governing body Ms. Prof. Dr. med. Beate Schücking
  • Type of Institution University
  • Type of control under public law
  • Doctoral granting (institution) Yes
  • Habilitation granting (qualification as a university lecturer) Yes
  • Year of foundation 1409
  • Number of students 28174 (WS 2017/2018)
  • National Code of Conduct Yes
  • University Profile

    Leipzig University was founded back in 1409 and is one of the oldest universities in Europe to have been offering teaching without interruption throughout its existence. Nowadays, the university is home to a total of 14 faculties offering a wide range of academic disciplines in their 120 institutes.

    As a traditional university offering a full spectrum of subjects, Leipzig University enables 29,000 students to choose from an impressive and internationally oriented range of over 150 different degree courses, more than any other university in the German state of Saxony. Alongside courses leading to bachelor's or master's degrees such as American Studies, Computer Science and Economics and Management Science, it also offers courses that enable students to take state examinations, for example in Teaching, Medicine and Law. The university not only offers major degree courses, but also so-called “fringe subjects” such as Sorbian Studies and Ancient Oriental Studies, which help to boost its profile and reputation. On top of all this, Leipzig University has also established itself as a centre for teacher training in Saxony. The city of Leipzig boasts a wide variety of collaborations with partner universities outside of Germany, all of which make it an attractive university location on a global level.

    The traditional range of subjects taught at the university corresponds with its top-quality pure and applied research activities with an interdisciplinary approach. Leipzig University offers a wide range of different research activities in the fields of life sciences, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. These are reflected in its three strategic fields of research with a total of nine research profile areas, three special research areas and three “transregios”, in which several different faculties work together with partner universities and non-university research institutions. Its research strengths particularly focus on the fields of global interaction, biomedicine, biotechnology, biodiversity, intelligent materials and mathematical sciences, in which it has established itself as a key partner for the transfer of knowledge and technology on an international level.

    Leipzig University has been working in cooperation with universities in other German states as a part of the Halle-Jena-Leipzig University Partnership, which enables the participating universities to mutually strengthen their teaching and research activities, since 1995.

    14 faculties offering a wide range of academic disciplines in their 120 institutes

    internationally oriented range of over 150 different degree courses

    "Our over 600-year-old university offers a full spectrum of subjects, with more than 150 degree courses in a wide range of fields ranging from humanities, social sciences and natural sciences right through to medical science." Prof. Dr. med. Beate Schücking, Rektorin der Universität Leipzig
  • Street / postal (mailing) address
    • Street address Ritterstraße 26, 04109 Leipzig
    • Phone 0341 97-108
  • Contact / contact person
  • Dates and Deadlines

    Dates and deadlines for the whole Institution for Winter Semester 2018/2019:

    • Lecture period 15.10.2018-9.2.2019
    • Application deadline for programmes with admission restriction 2.5.2018-15.7.2018
      The deadline applies to undergraduate courses and higher subject semesters with admission restrictions Deadline for Master’s courses with admission restrictions is 31.05.2018. (Cut-off date) online data entry
    • Term of application on programmes without admission restriction 2.5.2018-15.9.2018
      (Cut-off date) online data entry, for German applicants with an international school leaving certificate, the deadline for uni-assist is on 01.09.2018 (cut-off date)
    • Registration deadline for first-year-students for fields of study without admission restriction 2.5.2018-15.9.2018
    • Application deadline for foreigners from EU-Members States 1.4.2018-15.7.2018
      for all Master’s courses by 31.05.2018 weitere Informationen unter
    • Application deadline for foreigners from non-EU-Members States 1.4.2018-15.7.2018
      for all Master’s courses by 31.05.2018 weitere Informationen unter
    • Registration deadline for re-registration 1.6.2018-31.7.2018
      (15.08.2018.-31.07.2018 (extension))
    • Registration deadline for students form other Higher Education Institutions 2.5.2018-15.9.2018
      For degree courses with NCU in the higher semester: the 15.07.2018 applies
    • Deadlines of selection processes and qualification test Please contact the departments in question directly for information on registering for aptitude exams. For an overview see and for Master’s programmes at
    • Fristen und Termine für bundesweit zulassungsbeschränkte Studienmöglichkeiten erfahren Sie bei
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  • Doctoral studies offered
  • International Cooperation